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Okay so I have missed a few days of posting this.

I’ve had to swap a few things around because of stuff that’s been going on.

Anyways. Yesterday. I was supposed to do 115 crunches but I couldn’t so I swapped day 24 rest day for yesterday and today I did 115 crunches.

Done day 17 of squats. 150.

Day 9 of the plank challenge done.

Day 8 of insanity. Done.

I also bout a crop top thing today. I’m only using it for workouts because I’m not comfortable with my stomach. Wearing it today though, it’s actually a bit big and my belly doesn’t look too bad. I can also tell I’ve lost weight while wearing it. Bonus. 

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    im gonna do this starting tomorrow
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    Think I’ll be partaking in this for May, did the squats last month and loved it, time to go round 2
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    Here we go #MayChallenge